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Trading The August Forex Market Slump

Since the beginning of August, the forex market has been dropping. Many equities have corrected by more than 10%, and if you do not have a trading strategy in place, your whole portfolio would have dropped along with the market’s fall,

The largest source of concern appears to be a slew of bad news emanating from China. Many investors are concerned about the deflationary period since deflation is always worse than inflation. If Chinese demand for commodities falls, it will have a ripple effect around the world. Another source of concern is China’s deteriorating property market. The Chinese government has announced one of the largest rate cuts in recent years in order to boost demand for asset purchases. 

With all of these negative macroeconomic developments, forex market volatility has naturally increased.

Forex traders should think about utilizing forex robots to trade volatility. Without a forex robot, many of us rely on gut instinct and delayed data processing capabilities to trade. A forex trading bot, on the other hand, allows a trader to rely on an automatic trading algorithm that examines real-time market data and performs trades based on preset strategies.

One notable forex trading bot in forex’s Bots Marketplace is the Market Neutral Forex Trading Bot. It has consistently performed by delivering an 80% to 90% win rate. The Market Neutral bot is designed to deliver a consistent return regardless of market direction. With all the macro economic and geopolitical situation unfolding in an unstable fashion globally, it maybe prudent to deploy the Market Neutral Forex Trading Bot.