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Rotational Forex Trading Made Easy With ForexHero

In this article, we explore another potential use case for the Strategy Designer – Rotational Plays

Quite often, many of us have a set of forex to trade but with only a finite amount of capital, we cannot possibly trade them all. Sure, you can setup bots to trade them at the same time, but there is a very high risk of failure if the capital is not sufficient to meet the fund allocated for the activated bots.

By using ForexHero’s Strategy Designer, a trader can configure the bots to trade the various assets in sequential order. Let us illustrate with an example. 

John loves to trade a couple of tech forex instruments and some vehicle forex instruments. With only a small capital base, he decides to split up the trading strategy into two parallel tracks. One to trade tech forex and the other to trade vehicle manufacturers.

This is how John would setup the bots

Tech track:

Bot A (trades AMZN) >> Bot B (Microsoft) >> Bot C (Alphabet) >> Bot D (Salesforce) >> Bot A


Bot E (Tesla) >> Bot F (Ford) >> Bot G (General Motors) >> Bot E

By setting up the bots above with the Strategy Designer, John is assured that none of his bots would be deactivated and he can cycle through all the forex he like to trade on.