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Debt Ceiling Conundrum, Again?

Imagine the world’s most valuable currency, the US dollar, losing its allure over what appears to be a regular exercise to urge Congress to raise the national debt ceiling. Many of us have been through this horrifying and perplexing experience.

Every politician understands that a US default would cause more harm than good. By weaponizing this problem, the United States would be portrayed as a country in disarray. 

A default would not only reduce the creditworthiness of the US financial system, but it would also help China’s RMB maintain its growing supremacy. The last thing any US bond buyer wants is to have doubts about a US government bond’s AAA grade. After all, financial stability and strength are founded on reputation and trust, both of which take decades to develop.

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But we all hope that Congress will be wise and do what is best for the people.


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