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Forex Trading Bot

Automated Forex Trading Made Easy

Algorithmic trading used to be the domain of quant funds. Using algorithms, machines are able to read real time market data and make informed decisions on the fly. But, for the majority of us, setting up and automated trading software is such a daunting feat that we encounter the classic “cold start” problem.

The arrival of easy to use forex robots changes all that. The barriers to entry into the secretive world of algorithmic trading have suddenly been lowered. Forex trading bot software, such as ForexHero.Ai, has made it simple for thousands of ordinary traders to develop automated and intelligent forex robots. In fact, utilizing ForexHero’s preset bots from the Bots Marketplace, a user can configure a forex trading bot to be launched in under a minute.

At the end of the day, a trader simply wants to profit. The means warrant the end result. And if using an automated forex trading bot can assist a trader in better deploying idle capital and turning a profit, that’s even better. In fact, a recent set of  backtest results demonstrated that a user would have made more gains for 80% of his portfolio if a trading bot was deployed versus the buy and hold approach.

However, configuring a trading strategy is not easy. The possible number of combinations that can go into a technical strategy is limitless so to speak. It takes years of trading experience to be able to conjure a secret sauce that can be used as an ingredient in a good trading strategy. 

Fortunately, many preset bots in the Bots Marketplace offer new users instant access to proven strategies that work.

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